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How To Update Your Handhelds

Updating the Alpha 200 and Alpha 200i with Wi-Fi

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Select Wi-Fi and follow the prompts to connect with your WiFi network.
  • Alpha 200i cannot connect to business networks that employ captive-portal style web-browser acceptance such as what restaurants or hotels use.
  • Alpha 200i requires the use of a 2.4Ghz WiFi router, 5Ghz routers are not supported. 
  • Updates will automatically download when they become available and you are within Wi-Fi range.

After an update is downloaded, the Alpha 200i will prompt you to Accept and Install the update.
As part of the updating process, the Alpha 200i will restart.


Updating Your Garmin Handheld with Garmin Express

  1. You need Garmin Express installed on your computer first. If you already have Express installed, skip this step.
  2. Connect your Garmin to the computer with the appropriate USB cable.
  3. Garmin Express will be launched during the installation process. If you already had Garmin Express installed, launch Express.
    1. Windows: Either double-click the Express icon in the system tray (next to your time), double-click the shortcut on the desktop, or search for Garmin Express in your Start menu.
    2. Mac: Garmin Express can be found in the Applications folder in Finder.
  4. Select the desired Garmin product, or click Add a Device and follow the on-screen prompts if your device is not listed.
  5. Garmin Express will display the available updates. Click Install or Install All to install all of the updates.
  6. Review the Terms and Conditions and click Accept to proceed.
  7. Review the important notes before continuing to ensure the software update installs smoothly. Click Continue.
  8. Once the update starts, Garmin Express will display the current progress.
    1. NOTE: Hover your mouse cursor over the progress bar for detailed progress information.
  9. You will see an Updates complete! message when the update is finished.
  10. Once complete, disconnect your Garmin from the computer and power it on to make sure the software updates installed successfully.
    1. NOTE: You may have to select Install on the device to fully install the updates.