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Garmin Physio TrueUp

What is Garmin's Physio TrueUp?

Physio TrueUp is a Garmin Connect feature that keeps physiological data in sync between multiple devices.

What Type of Data Is Kept In Sync?

The following data can be shared across compatible products and are kept in sync with Physio TrueUp:

  • VO2 max
  • FTP and Power Zones
  • Recovery Time
    • Recovery Time will only update when Physio TrueUp is enabled on all devices.
  • Training Load
    • For accounts with Edge devices and wearables, the 7-Day Training Load value will only be able to be kept in sync between Edges and compatible wearables if the Edge is synced before every activity. If this fails to take place, the 7-Day Training Load will no longer match between the Edge and wearable devices, or on the 7-Day Training Load graph in the Connect Training Status page.
    Training Load Focus
  • Heat/Altitude Acclimation
  • Race Predictor
  • Last Sport Widget1
  • Last Run/Ride/Swim Widgets1
  • Weekly and Monthly totals1

Which Devices Are Compatible With Physio Trueup?

How Do I Enable Physio TrueUp?

Compatible devices will prompt you to learn more about Physio TrueUp and give you the option to enable the feature. If you choose to enable this feature at a later time, you can do so from either the Garmin Connect app or Garmin Connect Web under the device settings. When enabling the feature for the first time, the last 30 days of activity data will download and update your Physiological Metrics, and display in chronological order.

Select a platform for instructions to enable this feature:
  • Open the app menu
    • Android: Select menu icon (upper left corner)
    • iOS: Select More (lower right corner)
  • Select Garmin Devices
  • Select the Garmin Device
  • Select either General or Device Settings (depending on what device you have)
  • Toggle Physio TrueUp to on
  • Go to from your personal computer
  • Sign into your account
  • Select watch iconfrom the top right corner
  • Select Device Settings for the device you want to enable Physio TrueUp on
  • Select General (skip this step for some devices)
  • Toggle Physio TrueUp to on
  • Select Save Settings

What Is the Difference Between TrueUp and Physio TrueUp? TrueUp keeps activity tracking data such as steps, calories, etc. in sync. To learn more, see - What Is the Garmin Connect TrueUp Feature and How Does It Work? Will My Older Device Share Data With a Device That Is Compatible With Physio TrueUp? Information from incompatible devices will still be shared with your Physio TrueUp compatible device. What Happens If I Have Duplicate Activities in My Account? Physio TrueUp will only download one of the two activity files to your device. If there is a preference in which file is downloaded during Physio TrueUp, review the activities in Garmin Connect and remove the activity file that you do not want to be synced to your device.

1 The Garmin Instinct series and Approach S62 are only compatible with these Physio TrueUp features.