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Bushwhacker Cap Light

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The Bushwhacker Cap Light is configured the same as the belt light version. It has super bright spot light, 2 accessory white LED walk light and 1 red LED. It is a great combination in a cap light. Weight is approximately 21 ounces. 4.2 volts, 9 position click switch, 4 for color and walk light, 4 for main spot light – center off. The walk light is bright enough for any terrain. The red LED give you options for any condition. It has a 9 position switch providing the following options;

• Click 4 High spot light
• Click 3 Low spot light
• Click 2 High walk light
• Click 1 Low walk light
Center - off
• Click 1 Low Red
• Click 2 Med Red
• Click 3 Med-High Red
• Click 4 High red

Light comes with an automatic charger and a 2 year warranty.