Dogtra Warranty Program

We have teamed up with Dogtra to handle product issues that are still under warranty. 
Dogtra products have a 1 year warranty. If you have had your product for less than a year and are having problems with it, we can help you!
WARRANTY items exchanged or replaced receive FREE SHIPPING when purchased with Carolina Sportsman Outfitters, requires proof of purchase.
WARRANTY items exchanged or replaced that were NOT purchased from Carolina Sportsman Outfitters will incur a $12.99 fee for return shipping. NO charge if exchanged or replaced in store. Requires proof of purchase.
At this time we can not exchange or replace any Dogtra products that have expired warranty.

Click Here To See Accepted Product List

**MANDATORY: If you send your products in WITHOUT including the required form (below) and receipt of purchase, we WILL NOT issue a replacement product**

Click Here To Print Form Required For Warranty Products